Armchair travel: We heart food!

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That’s right. And we’ve been eating up a storm around the globe.

After a full day of binging on shopping mall food in Bangkok Binge Eating 101, Tom Gates aims to appease his pasta craving in Random Restaurant Review: Authentic Italian In Bangkok.

Ross Tabak goes in search of the best barbecue around the world and Hal Amen follows the waft of garlic, chilies, and ginger into a Korean store in Mexico City.

To wash down your grub, Juliane Huang even explored the benefits of drinking tea over coffee in Tea v. Coffee: Which One is Better for You?.

Want to try your hand at bringing a taste of the world home? Catherine Melton gives us 7 Reasons To Take A Cooking Class.

Not ready to jet off quite yet or sign up for a class? Why not pick up an international cookbook and experiment?

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